An ISO 9000 Approach to Building Quality Software
This is Östen Oskarsson's part of a book with this title published by Prentice Hall in 1995. The text is also available for
download in MS Word format as a zip file (113 kB).

Tutorial software acquisition
This tutorial covers the acquisition of "technical" software, i.e. software which belongs to a technical product.

Procedures for software development
A set of simple procedures for a small software development project.

Procedures for ISO/TickIT
Description of some simple procedures required by ISO 9001/TickIT outside development projects. Under construction.

Contract requirements
An example of minimum contract requirements on a supplier's development, quality assurance, and handling of software.

Error log procedure
A simple procedure for logging errors found during system testing in a one-man project.

Software risk management
A simple procedure for handling risks at the start of a software project.